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Chimera Lighting - Manuel Billeter on Jessica Jones and Luke Cage


Our friends at Chimera Lighting always have great articles.  Here is one.

A Marvel DP: A Discussion on Cinematography with Manuel Billeter on Lighting Jessica Jones for Netflix.

With the 13-episode series Jessica Jones wrapped, and a new show, Luke Cage, scheduled to debut on Netflix this September 30th, cinematographer and workaholic Manuel Billeter is also slated for the upcoming crossover series Iron Fist, shooting now, as well as announced photography on another Marvel Comics’ property yet unscheduled, The Defenders. One would think that with so much action work, Billeter would lean heavily towards fast edits and music-video-style choppiness, but instead, almost shockingly, he points out almost gentlemanly that he is heavily influenced by the more ethereal, dreamlike work of master directors like Wong Kar Wai, David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick and Federico Fellini.


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