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Quasar Science

Ever experienced emotional responses to lighting? The clarity of sunlight or the beauty of a candle. They create a feeling and affect our well-being.

We also experience the negative effects of harsh, eye straining partial spectrum light. At Quasar Science, we are out to change the way our environment is experienced.

The traditional incandescent light bulb has been around for over 100 years and it has served us well. However this light source is inefficient and it is time for a change. The LED market is thriving as a sustainable option in today’s rapidly evolving world.

With the current push for a viable replacement for incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent or low-grade LEDs have rapidly filled this need and your daily environment is greatly impacted by the poor quality of light produced by these systems. With Quasar Science’s clean, color correct technology you will flip the light switch and your home or workspace is transformed with beautiful light that invites comfort, passion and possibilities.
Quasar Science is in a unique position to reach into the exclusive color methodology and technology of the entertainment and event lighting markets giving us the expertise to bring these unique attributes to every home, office, factory and studio.

There are countless environments could benefit from high color quality such as; event and motion picture lighting, laboratories, hospitals, office buildings, museums, art galleries, educational facilities, industrial as well as in the home. All of which would benefit from greater light quality and efficiency.
Given film and High Definition extremely high color requirements, Quasar Science has created a combination of advanced technology for all applications.

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