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Lowing Products Apple Boxes

Apple boxes. The design is so simple, yet so perfect. They are simply one of the most versatile and indispensable pieces of equipment to have on hand for every set. They are used across every department and in both standard and imaginative ways – to add height to actors, cameras, and props; to sit on or use as a step up; to provide support on uneven or unstable ground; to infinite other problem-solving ways.

How do you improve upon something so perfect in its simplicity? Well, that itself is simple: remain true to the original design, just improve the quality of craftsmanship and materials used.

At Lowing Light & Grip, our reputation for quality is unsurpassed. We evaluated the many needs and demands of the common apple box, applied our industry knowledge and pride in workmanship, and are pleased to introduce the new and improved Lowing Products Apple Boxes.

The Lowing Products Apple Boxes are available in industry standard sizing – 20” x 12” x 8” full, 4” half, 2” quarter, and 1” pancake (eighth). They can be purchased individually, in standard sets, or in Lowing Products exclusive nesting sets.

We elevated the game in the use of superior materials and attention to precision and detail.  Each piece is constructed with Baltic Birch hardwood, for an ideal combination of both strength and portability. We chose this hardwood because it does not absorb water easily. We add stain and finish for yet another layer of protection. Lowing Products is the only manufacturer in the industry providing this additional step, others leave the wood unfinished. These boxes are built to last, created with great consideration for durability and for easy clean-up with soap and water.

Aesthetics play a key role as well. Expertly crafted by an experienced woodworker, the Lowing Products Apple Boxes are welcome in front of the camera as much as behind the scenes. With the handsome edge work and warm finish found more often in upscale furniture and cabinetry, these items look good enough to be included front and center as an attractive prop or to blend effortlessly into the background.

For more information on individual pieces, standard sets, and nesting sets, click on the images below.