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Real Simple Privacy ...

Lowing Light & Grip operates this site as a professional service to the industries producing filmed and live entertainment. It is a reflection of, and extension to, the products and services we offer in our ongoing business. While individual consumers are more than welcome to shop here, this primarily a Business to Business effort. As such, we make a few assumptions about your expectations of privacy:

"Will you spam me?"

No. You can expect e-mail receipts and order confirmations after completing a purchase. You may, from time to time, receive e-mails from the Store regarding specials, changes, updates, cries for help, announcements, and celebrations. It does us no good to flood you with junk. You are the professionals, and you know what you want when you want it. We're here ready for that.

"Will you out me as a customer to the rest of the world?"

No. Not unless you want us to. Where you shop is your business (and ours for this little piece of the world) and yours alone. We do not sell, give, leak, distribute, or trade your information from this site with anyone. We implement traffic analysis tools that do gather anonymous data about your visits. Most notably is Google Analytics.

"Is this secure?"

Yes. Well. Yes. If you're here, you know the kind of business we're all in. If you've not yet learned that nothing is as secure as it seems, then you will sometime in the near future. This site, our administration of it, and the hosting service all employ security and safeguarding practices and tools that protect your information and ours. You have responsibilities here, too. This is a Business to Business site. If you are purchasing with your personal credit card or checking account information, then you are at as much risk as you are in the rest of your life.

"This looks a lot like Shopify."

It is.  For reasons that are beyond the scope of this discussion, we have moved our online retail presence to the Shopify platform.  Please note the various Terms and Conditions of Shopify.  They take your privacy as seriously as we do.

"Wait! Don't go! I have another question!"

E-mail me: Thank you.