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Shotbags - 409 (Standard) and 304 (Corrosive Resistant)

Lowing Products Shotbags

The Best Ballast Bag Ever Made

Lowing Products Shotbag Family


These exact weight bags are very well suited for use in industrial weight testing, calibration, counterbalance applications, aeronautics, aircraft and automotive engineering, and, of course in Motion Picture production where we originally developed them. Our customers also use them as divers' weight bags, and a rifle steady bags (bench rest shooting bag).

Wherever weight is being handled by people these bags will provide improved safety by reducing muscle fatigue, foot and hand injuries.


CORDURA® Classic fabric provides rugged durable performance featuring enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, and long-lasting durability. CORDURA® Classic fabric is constructed with qualifying yarns which are woven, dyed and finished in accordance with INVISTA™'s approved fabric standards for the CORDURA® brand. The 1000 x 1000 denier Nylon tests to a tensile strength of 536 lbs. warp and 437 lbs. fill. Its tear strength is 73 lbs. warp and 66 lbs. fill. It is water resistant, and much more abrasion resistant than textured nylon.


Lowing Products was the first to use stainless steel to fill the shot bags commonly used in the motion picture industry. Click to see why the choice of stainless is critical to your success. This innovation opened a world of opportunity for Lowing Products to provide a more usable bag to the Movies, and then to other industries that require a precisely-manufactured and long-lasting ballast bag. We offer SAE 300-Series and 400-Series Stainless which gives you, the customer, an important choice. The more expensive 300-Series Stainless is most resistant to corrosive elements, such as salt water. The less expensive 400-Series Stainless drains and dries easily in wet environments (like the 300-Series Stainless), but can display a slight corrosion over time if exposed to corrosive chemicals frequently.


Our exclusive loading process eliminates the need for a bulky plastic liner. All of our shot bags are built to within 0.1 ounce. For special projects or applications, we can guarantee a plus-or-minus 0.001 ounce tolerance (given a dry bag in controlled humidity). In addition, we frequently construct custom bags for our customers. If the standard bags are not appropriate for your needs, let us know. If you can sketch it or describe it to us, chances are we can build it for you.

Our design, fabrics, manufacturing process, and choice of stainless filling allows us to deliver exact weights for our customers who use the shot bags as ballast and calibration tools.


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