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#409 Shot Bag 25 lbs

Lowing Products

Mfg Part Num: SB-409.25

#409 Shot Bag 25 lbs

The Lowing Products 25 pound shot Bag contains #409 Stainless Steel shot. The shot in this bag is resistant to corrosion. It is useful with projects involving a less chemically aggressive environment such as chlorinated and fresh water. As with all our shot bags, these are built with real Cordura nylon fabric. Cordura has proven to be the most resistant to the everyday abrasion that our shot bags will endure. An occasional rinse with clear tap water is advised to remove dust and grime. If they have been immersed in a corrosive liquid, such as salt water. We advise a complete rinse with soapy water, as in a quarter car wash.

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