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#409 Shot Bag 20 lbs

Lowing Products

Mfg Part Num: SB-409.20

#409 Shot Bag 20 lbs

$64.95 $99.95

This Lowing Products 20 pound Shot Bag contains #409 Stainless Steel shot. The shot in this bag is resistant to corrosion. It is useful with projects involving a less chemically aggressive environment such as chlorinated and fresh water. As with all our shot bags, these are built with real Cordura nylon fabric. Cordura has proven to be the most resistant to the everyday abrasion that our shot bags will endure. An occasional rinse with clear tap water is advised to remove dust and grime.



These are the BEST ballast bags on the market.
Exclusive Lowing Products - Stainless Steel Weight Bag

    Lowing Products shot bags, originally developed for Motion Picture productions, are individually hand-made, guaranteeing accurate measurements and an extremely durable build.  From color and style to weight and material, our assembly process allows for complete customization, ideal for industrial weight testing, calibration, counterbalance applications, aeronautics, aircraft and automotive engineering, as well as divers' weight bags.  Also ask us about special weights and styles made specially for workouts, walking, and running.


      • When laid flat, our signature 25 lb. bag measures 1.75 inches high x 9 inches wide x 12.25 inches long (192.93 Cubic Inches or .11 Cubic Feet)
      • The O.S.H.A. recommended maximum weight for repetitive lifting is 25 lbs.
      • Hand crafted with genuine 1000 Denier Cordura Plus Nylon Fabric, a proven performer under high stress
      • No bulky, plastic liner for extra space and durability
      • Butterfly handle is made from 4000+ pound, 2 inch wide (1" @ hand hold) seatbelt webbing
      • All seams are DOUBLE-DOUBLE Stitched (that's 4 rows of stitching) for strength and durability
      • 304 Stainless Steel #2 size Grommets used on all bags
      • We use small #409, #304 & #316 Stainless Steel shot (no carbon steel for our 304 bags)
      • Standard in color coded 8 Lb.,15 Lb. and 25 Lb. sizes.  Other sizes can be tagged for identification if needed
      • Any color combination available on special order
      • Specific weight bags always available on special order, +/- 0.1 oz standard, +/- 0.001 oz when requested


      • Handles all temperatures and weather
      • Extremely low maintenance.  Stainless Steel is rustproof in most chemicals, salt and water.  No more rust stains!  Dirty bags can be cleaned with soap and water.
      • The 2 inch "Seatbelt" webbing handle is durable, and also comfortable to grip
      • Many attachment points for convenience
      • Stainless shot is twice as heavy as sand, resulting in a same weight bag that is HALF THE SIZE

      #304 or #409 Stainless Steel?

      Due to the increasing costs of the "restaurant grade" #304 stainless steel, we have introduced another alloy of stainless steel, #409. The #409 range of stainless contains an alloy of carbon steel and chromium. This is often referred to as "magnetic stainless steel" since it can be picked up with a magnet.

      This alloy has saved production costs while still providing a corrosion resistant stainless steel for harsh environments.

      For years, Lowing Light & Grip has provided #409 Stainless Steel bags for many underwater applications including divers' training in chlorinated pools, industrial applications in Lake Michigan, as well as ballasts in floods.

      We don't recommend the use of #409 stainless steel in applications where prolonged exposure to saltwater (or other corrosive liquids) will be expected.  However, our #304 stainless steel bags can handle more extreme environments, such as these.

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