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Production Guard



Grip gear to promote crew safety.

The new Production Guard is an on set sneeze guard that can be rigged quickly by one grip in any position like any flag. It’s clear, allowing everyone to see and yet stay isolated. This cleanable tool works between camera operator and director, people in video village, wherever crew members have to be in closer proximity yet isolated.

After many texts and phone calls, we met at our shop to build this prototype from available and fabricated materials.

We are producing 3 standard sizes at 24” X 36” and 18” X 24” that will store in standard flag boxes or flag bags. We also will offer a 36” X 36” model and custom sizes as needed.

Built using tough Polycarbonate clear plastic with a vinyl protector around the perimeter and a standard spud to attach it. Each Production Guard will have it’s own soft duvetyne fabric pouch to reduce scratches, keep them clear for a long useful life on set.

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Thank you to Caleb Lowing for modeling and to Tom Greenberg for the use of a camera prop.

No viruses were exchanged in the fabrication or the shoot.

This is the 24” X 36” clear flag in use.